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Your film was one of the best uses of cinema I've ever seen, and it's exciting to have the beginnings of hope in a fight against these neurodegenerative diseases. () I'm a film professor at Dartmouth. For 30 years, I was a Hollywood screenwriter…

William (Bill) F. Phillips, Dartmouth, NH

Fantastic, you have done an excellent deep dive into the complexity of understanding ALS and Alzheimers. Great reviews from everyone I talked to.

Thomas Elmqvist, Sweden

I just want to pass along my kudos to you for what you have created.  In my humble opinion you’ve done an absolutely  superb job of blending the humanism of sufferers (namely Ellie) with the sophistication of Paul’s science and then nicely wrapped it all in an interesting and intriguing mystery format.  Also I think the quality of your cinematography adds greatly to the film.

Bill Egan, Jackson Hole, WY

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